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Logan I - table with a worktop with cut edges (pictured is a table  with dimensions 220x90)


The edge of the cut table at an angle of 45 degrees (for facing)

A combination of metal and wood in a natural oak color.

A large tabletop where you can freely

8-12 people will sit.

Wooden table top, natural oak veneer, cut at an angle, straight or made of divided elements. Available

also in solid oak.

Logan II - a table with a top consisting of three elements (the photo shows a table with dimensions of 240x100)


width  90cm / 100  cm / 100  cm

length  220 cm / 230 cm / 240 cm

height  75 cm

or       Your own table size

camfero  prompts

For our tables, we have specially designed the Rico chair. Light, very comfortable with a simple form.

Various types of fabrics and their colors will allow you to choose the perfect chair upholstery for your interior! 

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